Influential doctors aren’t disclosing their drug company ties

Transparency seems to be worse in cardiac and diabetes drugs.

Ray Moynihan, Bond University and Lisa Bero, University of Sydney In September, the New York Times revealed that one of the world’s top cancer specialists had quietly received millions of dollars from drug and other companies. And what’s more, he’d failed to disclose the payments in many of his high-profile medical journal articles. A few…

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EBM and Data Visualisation

EBM and Visualising Data – What’s The Story? This post, and the resources I have collected below, grew out of a group of medical educators (we call ourselves Cohort 1) who attended an RACGP workshop on teaching evidence-based medicine (EBM) in August 2017, run by Paul Glasziou and Iain Chalmers. We have a virtual meeting…

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