EBM and Data Visualisation

EBM and Visualising Data – What’s The Story?

This post, and the resources I have collected below, grew out of a group of medical educators (we call ourselves Cohort 1) who attended an RACGP workshop on teaching evidence-based medicine (EBM) in August 2017, run by Paul Glasziou and Iain Chalmers. We have a virtual meeting every couple of months and 2-3 of us present a 15 minute session on an aspect of teaching EBM.


Data Visualisation


Lessons From Edward Tufte from Mika Aldaba


Figurative Map of the successive losses in men of the French Army in the Russian campaign 1812–1813. Drawn up by M. Minard, Inspector General of Bridges and Roads in retirement. Paris, 20 November 1869.

A flow map of global emigration in 1858. Colours indicate the country of origin of migrants, and the thickness of the lines represents the number of migrants moving (1 millimeter is equal to 1,500 people).

All Trials Project

Other Interesting Videos

Useful Tools

DATAWRAPPER – Free for occasional use. No coding required.

HIGHCHARTS – Free for personal or non-profit use

INFOGRAM – Free interactive charts and maps

VISME – Free infographic and chart maker

More Information / Further Reading About Designing Infographics

Article by Lucia Wang, user-growth lead at Visme (one of the tools listed above).

Shows and explains the many different styles of data visualisation

Author of two books on avoiding death by powerpoint.

Interesting article from Harvard Business Review

Blog about data visualisationa nd infographics.