Medscape regularly addresses physician wellness, burnout and lifestyle. It’s regular physician lifestyle reports are very interesting and provide a snapshot of many factors contributing to physician wellbeing (at least in the US). Their latest report is the National Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2018, and it features lots of useful data, including burnout rates by specialty:


In the last 18 mths Medscape has also published many articles about burnout and resilience in doctors. I have listed many of them below:

Burnout: Like a Chronic Disease? (August 2017)
Burnout Might Really Be Depression; How Do Doctors Cope? (January 2018)
Burnout Singeing All Levels of Medicine: Physicians, Nurses, Office Staff (March 2017).
Combating Burnout: A Neurologist’s Perspective (February 2017).
Cultivating Resiliency and Combating Burnout in Oncology (June 2017).
Doctors and Depression: Suffering in Silence (May 2017).
Does the Hippocratic Oath Promote Burnout? (March 2017)
Factors That Most Greatly Influence Resident Satisfaction (June 2018).
Fighting the Need to Control Everything (September 2017)
Half of Gastroenterologists Burned Out (December 2017).
How Residents Cope With Stress: Bingeing, Drinking, Sports, and Friends (September 2017).
Interventions to Prevent and Reduce Physician Burnout (August 2017).
Isolation and Burnout in Physician Culture: Innovative Solutions (May 2018).
More Fun, Less Stress, and Strategies to Prevent Burnout (June 2017).
Oncology Most Stressful of Specialties: High Risk for Burnout (October 2017).
Physician Experts Tell How to Combat Burnout (September 2017).
Simple Tool Shows Lasting Reduction in Burnout (October 2017).
Want to Reduce Burnout? Tackle System Problems, Experts Say (January 2018).