Paediatric History Taking

By paul | July 7, 2014

Useful website here on taking a paediatric history: Geeky Medics

Critical Appraisal / EBM for GP Supervisors (Gully Group)

By paul | April 24, 2014

BME registrars – How to book your TAC online

By paul | February 20, 2014

Again this term I am going to use my own online booking system for TAC appointments. It seemed to work well last term, with good feedback from registrars. So please watch the following video for full instructions. You should have also received an email from BME with the password to the protected area. If the…

Rural clinical schools effective in recruiting doctors: New study

By paul | February 6, 2014

Dubbo Rural Clinical School Medical students from urban backgrounds who spend a year at a rural clinical school are almost four times more likely to be practising in a rural area up to 10 years after graduation, compared with their urban-background counterparts who do not spend time in a rural setting in their undergraduate degree,…

Transformative Learning Information

By paul | January 27, 2014

At the AMEN 2013 conference in Melbourne there was a startling keynote talk by Dr Debbie Paltridge on transformative learning. It made such an impression on me that I have just published a transformative learning resource page with links to multiple web resources about this topic. Image Source:

Med students: Great learning resource

By paul | January 27, 2014

Here’s a great resource for med students and registrars who like to learn / revise things in a visual way: Sketchy Medicine. It is a web collection of medical “doodles” freely available for study. I found it when I was doing some research on mind maps for a registrar session. You can also buy pocket…

Heatwave tracker shows effect of last week’s record temperatures

By paul | January 23, 2014

ABC News has launched a useful tool that tracks heatwaves and displays them interactively.

Meditation Matters

By paul | January 21, 2014

Historically classed as “alternative medicine” the benefits of meditation are fast becoming recognised by modern medicine – for instance the Monash University medical degree includes a meditation subject as standard for all students. I sometimes recommend meditation as a stress-reliever and sleep-aid, and thought that I would recommend this useful resource for those who would…

Eggs might STILL be bad for you – But not the way you think!

By paul | January 19, 2014

Whether or not you believe that including eggs in your diet is good or bad, a recent ABC report highlighting a new hazard (unrelated to diet and nutrition) was recently published – the ability of raw eggs to transmit food-borne illness (ie food poisoning). Washed eggs safer but shells may still carry infection. Turns out…

Vintage Australian snake venom may yield new drugs

By paul | January 18, 2014

Interesting story on ABC about the discovery of a cache of stored snake venom, originally collected by the father of Australian venom research Struan Sutherland. The two boxes of freeze-dried venom were found during the routine clean-up of a storage room. Almost all of the venoms were still active, despite some being around 80 years…

How to stay cool in the summer heat

By paul | January 17, 2014